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HTML Viewer Online is a web-based tool that allows users to instantly preview HTML content. Designed for developers, educators, and web enthusiasts, this tool offers a real-time glimpse into how browsers interpret and render HTML code.


HTML Viewer Online

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard markup language that forms the building blocks of the web. Every website you visit, every email template you view, and many applications you use, at their core, utilize HTML. However, HTML in its raw form looks much like a jumble of tags and text to the uninitiated. The “HTML Viewer Online” tool transforms this code into a visual representation, mimicking what you’d see on a live web page.

This tool serves multiple purposes:

  • For Beginners: It offers a practical way to understand the interplay between code and output, demystifying the world of web development.
  • For Developers: It provides a platform to quickly test and debug snippets of HTML code without the need for a dedicated development environment or server.
  • For Designers and Content Creators: It enables a means to visualize how content appears within HTML templates.


  1. Real-time Preview: See live results as you type.
  2. Code Sharing: Share your HTML code easily with a generated URL.
  3. Mobile Responsive: Designed with Bootstrap, ensuring a seamless experience on all device sizes.
  4. Simple Interface: User-friendly design to keep the focus on coding.

How to Use

  1. Writing & Previewing: Simply start typing or pasting your HTML code into the editor on the left. The live preview will automatically update on the right.
  2. Sharing Code: Click on the “Share Code” button below the editor. A prompt will appear with a unique URL. Copy and share this URL with others to let them view your code and its live preview.
  3. Accessing Shared Code: If someone has shared a code URL with you, just open the URL. The shared code will automatically load in the editor, and you can see its preview on the right.


Q: Is my code saved on your servers?
A: No, all code remains client-side. The shared URL merely encodes the code, and no data is sent to or stored on our servers.

Q: I can’t see my shared code when opening the URL. Why?
A: There might be a limitation to the length of the URL. If your code is too long, it might not fit within the URL’s maximum length. For very long code snippets, consider using a code sharing platform or pastebin.

Q: Can I use external CSS or JavaScript with this tool?
A: Yes, you can include external resources using the appropriate tags (<link> for CSS, <script> for JS). However, note that some resources might not load due to cross-origin restrictions.

Q: Is this tool free?
A: Yes, the HTML Viewer Online is completely free to use.

Q: I found a bug or want to suggest an improvement. How can I report it?
A: We appreciate feedback! Please contact our support or drop an email at [email protected] with your suggestions or bug reports.

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