American Express Credit Card Generator

American Express Credit Card Generator

American Express Credit Card Generator


The “American Express Credit Card Generator” is a tool that allows users to create random, simulated American Express credit card details. This web-based application generates random card numbers based on the American Express format. It also fetches random holder names from an API and produces a random CVV and expiry date for the card.

The primary objective of this tool is likely for testing and validation purposes, where real credit card data should never be used. Please note that the generated card details are fictional and won’t have any real transactions or validation capabilities. This not real american express credit card generator with money, so you can’t use this number for buy online. Only for testing to avoid scams.


  1. Clean User Interface: The tool utilizes Bootstrap, which provides a neat and responsive design.
  2. Quantity Selector: A dropdown menu lets users decide how many card details they want to generate, ranging from 5 to 100.
  3. Loading Animation: A loader animation appears while card details are being generated.
  4. Generated Details Display: Results are shown in a tabular format displaying the card number, holder name, CVV, and expiry date.
  5. Dynamic Generation: The tool produces cards with prefixes ’34’ or ’37’, commonly used by American Express.

How to Use the Tool:

  1. Open the Web Page: Access the “American Express Credit Card Generator” webpage.
  2. Select Quantity: Choose the number of card details you’d like to generate from the dropdown menu labeled “Quantity.”
  3. Generate: Click the “Generate” button.
  4. Wait: A loading animation will appear while card details are being generated. The process takes approximately 0.5 seconds for each card detail.
  5. View Results: Once completed, a table will appear showing the generated card details.


  1. Are the generated card numbers real?
    No. The card numbers are randomly generated and only follow the format of American Express cards. They won’t work for real transactions.

  2. Why am I seeing a loading animation?
    The loading animation indicates that the card details are being generated. It also fetches random names for cardholders from an external API, which may take some time.

  3. Can I use the generated card for transactions?
    No. The card details are entirely fictional and are meant for testing or illustrative purposes only.

  4. Where are the card holder names sourced from?
    The card holder names are fetched from the Random User Generator API, which provides random user data.

  5. Can I generate other card brands with this tool?
    This tool is specifically designed for generating American Express card numbers. It won’t generate card details for other brands.

  6. Is it safe to use this tool?
    Yes, this tool only generates random card details. However, it’s essential to ensure that you’re using the tool for ethical purposes, such as software testing, and not for any fraudulent activities.

  7. Why do American Express cards have a 4-digit CVV, while others have 3?
    American Express uses a 4-digit CVV (or CID) on the front of the card, unlike other brands that use a 3-digit CVV on the back.

Disclaimer: Always ensure to use tools like these responsibly. Generating fake card details for malicious activities is illegal and unethical. The intention behind this tool is for testing, educational, and illustrative purposes.

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